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Data Cleansing

Cleanse address, phone and email contacts
to improve data quality across your business


Global address, phone and email data cleansed and validated to optimise your contact lists and maintain data hygiene.

Automate data cleansing jobs in real-time from any platform with our serverless integration and cleansing API.

Global Address Data Cleansing

Identify incorrect and incomplete customer address records and replace with validated data.

Cleanse & Validate International Phone Numbers

Reformat phone numbers to country standard and check validity.

Cleanse Out Of Date Email Addresses

Batch validate email addresses for optimised list hygiene.

Why cleanse your data?

Curly dotted line
Curly dotted line

Like everything, data can become dirty over time, especially if it wasn’t validated when it was collected.

Manually entered addresses can contain formatting issues and typos.

Email addresses are shut down, and phone numbers deactivated.

Data entropy.

Maintain data hygiene

  • Cleanse existing data before launching major campaigns or migrating data
  • Protect your IP Trust Scores
  • Remove invalid contacts
  • Reduce costs

Best quality data sources 

global map with pins all over
  • We cleanse and validate your data against the most up to date source from leading providers worldwide.
  • Cleanse email addresses, phone numbers and physical addresses globally.

Append with enhanced data

location pin above house
  • Cleanse your address data and match with global geocodes for enhanced last-mile delivery accuracy
  • 250 country coverage

Ensuring global data quality with leading providers


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