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Batch Data Cleansing

Cleanse contact data in bulk
UK PAF Address Cleansing
Email, Phone and UK Bank Account Cleansing


UK PAF Address Data Cleansing

Identify incorrect and incomplete client and customer address records and replace with validated data. Ensure addresses are accurate and up to date to reduce costs associated with shipping orders, mail order catalogues, invoicing and service teams.

Maintain Email List Hygiene

Remove invalid email addresses and optimise email contact data to increase campaign deliverability, boost engagement and reduce wastage.

International Phone Number Validation

Reformat landline and mobile/cell phone numbers to country standard and check validity. Optimise engagement through customer service, SMS notifications, marketing and outbound sales campaigns.

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When and why to cleanse your data

In today’s digital world where businesses collect data from multiple sources, ensuring a clean and accurate central or golden record for your customer can be the difference between success and failure.

There are many opportunities to perform data cleansing as part of a wider project such as data migration or digital transformation or a large scale marketing campaign.

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Cleanse data for marketing

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  • Before large volume direct mail print campaigns or new digital activity such as SMS notifications
  • When implementing a data validation solution for new data capture

Cleanse data for systems

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  • When migrating data to new platforms or combining data sources
  • Implementing a new technology stack or bringing in data from multiple sources into an ERP

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