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On-Demand Data Cleansing API

Real-time automated data cleansing 
integrated directly into your systems infrastructure

data cleansing robot

Client-side integration

Build data cleansing requests into your systems architecture for on-demand validation of email, phone and postal addresses

Automated data cleansing

Cleanse the data you need in real-time on schedules, criteria, and rules to meet the demands of your business

Real-time results

Instant validation across address & postcode / zipcode, email address and international landline and mobile/cell phone numbers.

Fully flexible data cleansing API

Our new Fetchify data cleansing API puts you in total control of your data. With direct access to the best quality data sources available you can ensure that all your address, postcode, zipcode, email and phone records are as accurate as possible.

Our global address dataset is updated as much as daily (with variations on regional availability), and our email and phone data comes live from ESPs and TSPs. 

Once integrated, you can build automated scheduled cleansing jobs within your existing platform and receive real-time results on the accuracy and validity of data, enabling you to manage errors and update records accordingly.

Simple per-lookup pricing

Credits for our data cleansing API are available in the same pack sizes as our standard front-end validation solutions. For larger volumes custom enterprise packs are available. Please use our webchat or quote form to get in touch and find out more.

Get a quote

Let us know what types of data you need cleansing and the approx number of records and frequency below and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

Why cleanse your data?

Curly dotted line
Curly dotted line

Like everything, data can become dirty over time, especially if it wasn’t validated when it was collected.

Manually entered addresses can contain formatting issues and typos.

Email addresses are shut down, and phone numbers deactivated.

Data entropy.

Maintain data hygiene

  • Cleanse existing data before launching major campaigns or migrating data
  • Protect your IP Trust Scores
  • Remove invalid contacts
  • Reduce costs

Best quality data sources 

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  • We cleanse and validate your data against the most up to date source from leading providers worldwide.
  • Cleanse email addresses, phone numbers and physical addresses globally.

Append with enhanced data

location pin above house
  • Cleanse your address data and match with global geocodes for enhanced last-mile delivery accuracy
  • 240+ country coverage

Ensuring global data quality with leading providers

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