# Bank Validation API New!

The JSON API provides capability to verify your customers' UK bank account details, such as the sort code and the account number. It supports CORS (opens new window) and can return data as JSON or JSONP.

# Request


The service accepts POST / GET requests.

# Parameters

Key Type Required? Description
key string Required Your unique access token.
sortCode string Required The UK bank sort code you want to verify.
accountNumber string Optional The UK bank account number you want to verify.
	"key":"<<your access token>>",
	"sortCode": "000000",
	"accountNumber": "00000000"

# Response

Key Type Description
successful boolean If the value is TRUE, the provided bank details are valid.
error string Provides a reason, if the input values weren't valid.
sortCode string The input sort code.
general object Details of the bank from the sort code.
bankValidate object Details of the account number.