Bank Batch Cleansing

Data must be provided in a csv file, containing the following columns.

idstringA unique identifier for the row
sort_codestring✔️The sort code of the bank account
account_numberstring✔️The account number of the bank account

It is possible to perform more than one type of cleanse on a single CSV file. For example, a bank cleanse could be run on a file, followed by an address cleanse. Make sure that all the required columns are included for each cleanse you wish to perform. The columns can be included in any order. Fields can be left blank if the column is not applicable.

Cleansed File

The returned file will contain the provided columns, and the following:

  • bank_match_status
  • bank_error_codes
  • cleansed_sort_code
  • cleansed_account_number

The bank_match_status column will contain the status of the cleanse.

full_matchThe bank account was found and is a perfect match
no_matchThe provided bank account is not valid
errorThere was an error with the bank cleanse

The bank_error_codes column will contain a comma separated list of reasons why the cleanse wasn't a full match


account_number_invalid_formatThe provided account number is not in a valid format
account_number_not_foundThe provided account number was not found


sort_code_invalid_formatThe provided sort code is not in a valid format
sort_code_not_foundThe provided sort_code was not found