Formstack Integration Guide

Integration with Formstack address forms made simple

A step-by-step guide to integration with Formstack address forms.



Download our Formstack plugin from the plugins page. For Formstack we only offer a plugin for Postcode Lookup (UK only). The plugin is free to download.

Visit the download pageopen in new window


Step 1

Copy and paste your access token into craftyclicks_formstack.txt (in place of xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx).

Step 2

In your Formstack form editor add a new “Embed Code” block at the bottom of the form. Edit the block and copy and paste the whole contents of craftyclicks_formstack.txt.

For UK Postcode Lookup, it is assumed that you already have an “Address” group on your form that is set to UK.

For Address AutoComplete, some care needs to be taken regarding country selection. If you want to allow multiple countries, select "Other" for your address group in Formstack. Otherwise select the country you want and modify the enabledCountries option in craftyclicks_formstack.txt to match.

Step 3 (optional)

UK Postcode Lookup: On lines 1 – 36 of craftyclicks_formstack.txt. you will find some configuration settings. You will need to upload any changes again as per step 2.

Address Auto-Complete: You can modify or add configuration settings between lines 6 and 12 of craftyclicks_formstack.txt.


  • Do you offer support? Yes, we do offer support during normal business hours in the UK. If you run into any issues, let us know and we will be happy to help.
  • Is this free? The extension is free to download and try, but to use it on a live site you will need a paid account with us.
  • Do I need to sign up for an account to try it? Yes, you’ll need a trial account, at least. You can easily sign up for a free trial account.