Email Validation API New!

The JSON API provides capability to verify your customers email addresses.

It supports CORSopen in new window and can return data as JSON or JSONP.

Before creating a custom integration, please check our list of Data Validation Pluginsopen in new window. You might find something suitable for your platform there.

We also have a JavaScript library which implements a simple interface for forms and only takes a few minutes to integrate.


The service accepts POST / GET requests.


keystring✔️Your unique access token.
emailstring✔️The email address you wish to verify.
	"key":"<<your access token>>",
	"email": ""


resultbooleanIf the result is true, the queried email address is valid.
emailstringThe email address you've queried
reasonstringIf risk is not low or if the result is false, this field provides a technical reason.
is_disposable_addressbooleanIf true, the email address is from a disposable email service.
is_role_addressbooleanIf true, the email username indicates that this is a generic role username. (admin, sales, support, etc.),
riskstringlow, medium, high: gives a combined risk rating based on the other fields in the result.
    "result": true,
    "email": "",
    "reason": "mailbox_is_role_address",
    "is_disposable_address": false,
    "is_role_address": true,
    "risk": "medium"