# Phone Validation API New!

The JSON API provides capability to verify your customers phone numbers, regardless of their country of origin.

It supports CORS and can return data as JSON or JSONP.

Before creating a custom integration, please check our list of Data Validation Plugins. You might find something suitable for your platform there.

We also have a JavaScript library which implements a simple interface for forms and only takes a few minutes to integrate.

# Request


The service accepts POST / GET requests.

# Parameters

Key Type Required? Description
key string Required Your unique access token.
phone_number string Required The phone number you wish to verify.
country string Optional 2 letter ISO 3166-2 country code. Not required, if the provided phone number is an international number. (starting with +) If the supplied phone_number is an international number, the country field will be ignored.
get_network boolean Optional Specify if you need the carrier information. Default: FALSE
	"key":"<<your access token>>",
	"country": "GB",
	"phone_number": "01628201254"

# Response

Key Type Description
result boolean If the result is TRUE, the queried phone number is valid. If it's FALSE, none of the other values will exist in the response.
country string 2 letter ISO 3166-2 country code, matching the phone number
phone_number string The valid phone number in an international format.
national_format string The valid phone number in a national format.
carrier object Contains the network information, if it was requested.
mobile_country_code string If the phone number is on a mobile network, this will contain the Mobile country code, otherwise it's null
mobile_network_code string If the phone number is on a mobile network, this will contain the Mobile network code, otherwise it's null.
name string The name of the provider for the phone service.
type string Can either be "landline" or "mobile"
    "result": true,
    "country": "GB",
    "phone_number": "+441628201254",
    "national_format": "01628 201254",
    "carrier": {
        "mobile_country_code": null,
        "mobile_network_code": null,
        "name": "Jersey Telecom",
        "type": "landline",
        "error_code": null
Last Updated: 7/29/2020, 10:04:24 AM