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Fetchify for the Public Sector

Fetchify is now a G-Cloud approved supplier, which is great news for public sector organisations looking for fast and efficient implementation of data validation tools.

The UK governments G-Cloud platform is a digital marketplace of pre-approved suppliers for public sector companies and organisations which removes the need for lengthy procurement and service tendering processes and allows for a simpler and more efficient service provider selection process.

It’s no secret that the public sector holds some of the largest and most detailed databases of personal information of any single entity in the UK, and the public has every right to expect that data to be as accurate as possible.

Public Sector organisations need to ensure that the personal information they capture is correct, in a format that’s recognisable and usable by multiple departments and systems, as well as accurate. Fetchify’s address lookup, email, phone and bank validation tool provides a single, simple to integrate service that can be added to any form, website, or system with a fast route to implementation and enables the entry, capture and validation of personal information.

Fetchify integrates into any system

Integrate into any data collection software, platform, app or website

Simple, effective postcode lookup & address form auto completion delivery 100% accurate postal addresses

Phone verification

Real-time verification of landline and mobile phone numbers

email validation

Real-time format and validity checks of any email address

Bank Account Verification

UK Bank Account and Sort-Code validation

G-Cloud = why validate with Fetchify

How can Fetchify be used in different systems?

  1. Website forms
    Integrate Fetchify into customer facing user registration forms, Direct Debit setup, call-back requests, customer service enquiries, ordering, shipping and billing to increase conversion, reduce form completion errors and improve your customer data quality.

  2. Service forms on customer facing or internal systems
    Speed up form entry with Postcode Lookup of addresses to reduce inaccurate data capture and customer service issues for everything from council tax registrations and waste collections, GP surgery online services, phone appointments, SMS resident and patient updates.

  3. Accounting and finance
    Accurately enter customer details for billing and payments and verify account details in real-time to set up Direct Debits or as part of ID checks*.

  4. Marketing and communications
    Capture accurate email and phone contacts for customers and clients to maximise your contactable database for greater engagement and increase customer lifetime value.

Pricing designed to make your little tails wag?

Exclusively for companies and organisations with an existing Royal Mail Public Sector Licence, Fetchify offers heavily discounted annual plans for its Postcode Lookup and Address Auto-Complete Service from as little as £30 for 10,000 lookups (Normally £350!). Phone, email and bank validation are available at our normal rates but can be deducted from the overall package without affecting the cost so you can choose the services that are right for your needs.

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