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Simple, effective data validation

Fetchify’s validation tools are so unobtrusive and effective you only notice them when they missing. Our expert team works hard to make sure our tools provide the fastest, cleanest and most effective user experience possible. 

Our Address Lookup & Verification tools can be integrated into almost any eCommerce, CRM, ERP, ePOS, accounting, or software platform. We have 30+ integrations for the leading platforms, more than any other provider, and our extensive JavaScript and JSON Libraries provide simple and effective code for custom integrations. 

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Why choose us

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Fetchify integrates with all the leading eCommerce and CRM platforms including:

Quickest & easiest setup

Quick and easy set-up
  • Ready-made plugins for most platforms
  • Simple integration
  • Full technical guidance when you need it
  • 98% of integrations take less than 10 minutes

Always here for you

Great customer service
  • On the phone, email, online chat
  • Developer support for technical queries
  • Comprehensive online Support Centre

Best quality data

Best data quality
  • We partner with only the best data providers to bring you the fastest, most accurate data verification worldwide
  • Includes Royal Mail PAF
  • 240+ country coverage

Address Lookup Benefits Your Business

Increase Conversions

By as much as 40%! Address lookup optimises form entry with accurate data capture and optimises checkout UX for faster order completion and reduced abandonment. 

Eliminate Failed Deliveries

The average cost to a company of a failed delivery is £120! Eliminate delivery issues with correctly formatted global address lookup and auto-complete. 

Boost Deliverability

Improve customer engagement and LTV with increased campaign deliverability through accurate email address and phone number capture. 


Reduce Complaints & Call Handling

Fewer order issues and missing deliveries mean fewer complaints and calls to your support teams, but you can also add address validation to your back-office systems to speed up phone ordering, invoicing, and CRM. 

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Customer Record

Capture accurate address, email and phone data for every customer, every time. Reduce data storage and cleansing costs and manage GDPR. 

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Accounts & Finance

Validate UK bank account and sort codes for fewer payment processing errors and faster Direct Debit approvals. 

Ensuring global data quality with leading providers