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Doctor Jock
the Pain of Multiple Residence

Same Post Box, Multiple Households? Make sure you reach the right one

With new blocks of flats popping up all the time, and many older buildings being subdivided into separate households or businesses, just having the street name and number isn’t always enough. In the UK, over 185,000 properties are subdivided into multiple residences or businesses. 

Whether you are delivering a monthly subscription of fine cheese, flowers for a special occasion, or important financial details, you don’t want your deliveries going to the wrong flat or sitting unclaimed in a lobby while your customers call you up to complain. 
Luckily Doctor Jock has just the thing for you! The Multiple Residence enriched data set from Royal Mail adds 800,000 addresses to our Address Auto-Complete tool.
Royal Mail’s PAF (Postcode Address File) which our standard address search uses, contains the address of every deliverable point in the UK (think of it as listing every postbox/letter slot in a front door). But it doesn’t cover multiple households or businesses that share a single post box/letter slot. 

The additional Multiple Residence data is not essential, your deliveries will still reach the correct building and there is almost always an internal system of mail allocation. However, it does increase deliverability and reduces the risk of fraud. The specific address information can help you determine the right kind of postage for that customer eg signed for or not? Specific residence address data can also help improve your customer engagement with direct mail and ensures clean and accurate data is entered into your CRM. 

Multiple Residence data from Royal Mail is only available to UK addresses and as an addition to our Address Auto-Complete service. Getting set up requires no change to your existing Address Auto-Complete integration, just log into your account, open the access token tab and tick the box. It’s that simple. 

Once the Multiple Residence enriched data is activated, an additional charge of 0.1 credits will be added to all UK lookups as you will be accessing the extended database for all searches. If you have any questions, just give us a shout at, our team will be happy to help. 

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