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Why the time to migrate to Magento 2 is now

This is a guest post from our partner – Limely

And how your eCommerce site will benefit from doing so.

Anyone with an eCommerce site will know that it takes a lot of work to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and ensure steady sales and traffic. However, this is made easy when working with a great platform such as Magento 2.

At Limely, one of the main aspects of Magento that we love to shout about is its attention to giving their users nothing but the best in eCommerce specific technology. And as great as that sounds, it will unfortunately not apply to your business if you still remain on Magento 1 and stuck your head in the sand when it came to those all-important updates.

Luckily for you, it’s not too late to migrate and update! Need a little more convincing? Here are four things you are guaranteed to benefit from if you transfer your eCommerce site to Magento 2.

Outstanding Performance and Functionality

Implementing various tools and features such as built-in image compression, javascript bundling and varnish cache, the latest upgrade of Magento 2 has seen many improvements within page speed, performance and functionality.
Running 20% faster than those on M1, it provides its users with the ability to run eCommerce sites that impress and entice the user to come back time and time again.

Full Support and Security

If your eCommerce site remains on Magento 1, your website could be in danger! All available support and updates for Magento 1 sadly ended in June 2020, meaning your site won’t be able to keep up with the ever-changing trends or benefit from the latest improvements in Magento’s cybersecurity – leaving it outdated and defenceless.

Magento 2 not only has tons of guidance and support but keeps its finger on the pulse in order to develop various upgrades and updates to keep up with the latest innovations in eCommerce technology. It’s a no brainer!

A Smooth and Efficient Check-out

In the latest version of Magento 2, their previous 6 step checkout has been reduced to an easy-breezy 2 step system. This, alongside a new Instant Purchase feature, drastically cuts down the time between browsing and purchasing, allowing users to quickly and efficiently purchase your products.

Access to Fetchify’s Services

Speaking of ensuring a great check-out system, there are a lot of ways in which you can you truly optimise and perfect this crucial part of your eCommerce site – helping to boost UX and your overall available shopping experience.

One way is to utilise Fetchify’s services as they provide the tools needed to create the best possible checkout experience for your customers. From their Address Auto-Complete tool and Postcode Lookup available via Magento 2, Fetchify can help provide the means to achieve a fast and simple check out system that creates the perfect cherry on top to your overall customer experience. This will ultimately lead to boosting your levels of UX and returning sales. And what online retailer wouldn’t want that?

See what Fetchify can do for you!

So, what are you waiting for?

Taking on board everything Magento 2 can provide for your eCommerce business, it’s likely that you’re now looking at how you can go about benefitting from all it’s amazing tools and features. Well thanks to Limely, regardless of your site’s current platform, it can be easily migrated and transferred to Magento 2.

But we don’t stop there. Limely believes that not one eCommerce site should have to miss out on a high-quality Magento 2 website. So we have introduced Magely – a new way for your online business to quickly benefit from a brand spanking new Magento 2 website. Providing a wide range of industry-specific Magento 2 templates, you can choose your favourite and we can begin transforming it into a space that truly represents your unique business. This way, you can quickly and cheaply benefit from a guaranteed, high-quality website as well as all of Magento 2’s tools, features and extendable capabilities.

Sound like a plan? Click here to speak to Limely today!

About Fetchify

We are a pioneer in SaaS address lookup and data validation solutions. We process millions of data transactions each day for thousands of clients ranging from small e-commerce startups to large household brands such as Heinz and RBS. Our flagship products Address Auto-Complete and Postcode Lookup reduce friction on checkouts, leading to increases in conversion rate of up to 40%, and helps reduce failed deliveries by as much as 75%. Since launching in 2008, we have differentiated by our ease of integration and exceptional support.