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Our Partners

Are you a software provider or a web developer, interested in incorporating Fetchify tools into your solutions? We’d love to work together with you to bring the best possible experience to your clients. We offer two different models of partnership, Affiliate (the partner refers clients to us) and Reseller (the partner white-labels our solutions as a part of their service to clients).


By introducing clients to our solution, you will earn a commission from their purchases.

To refer a new client, you can provide them with your unique affiliate link which takes them to the sign up page and will automatically attach their Account to yours. This link is available in your Partner Portal.

Alternatively, you can get directly in contact with us at Fetchify once the client is signed up and we
will link the Accounts.

To create and use an Affiliate Partner Account

  1. Create a Trial Account
  2. Contact us with the Account details and we will convert that Trial Account into a Partner Account.
  3. You will receive your unique affiliate link with the Partner Account – simply email this to new clients to sign up and automatically link.
  4. Keep an eye on your commission level and send an invoice when you want to collect it.
  5. Your Partner Portal will keep an updated total of commission you earn. 


As a Reseller, you purchase Lookups from Fetchify for the clients in your Partner ‘Pool’, you can then allocate those Lookups in smaller portions to your clients. Fetchify does not need to have any direct contact with your clients.

To create and use a Reseller Partner Account

  1. Create a Trial Account (please do not use the Access Token you automatically receive as it will be erased once the Account becomes a Partner Account).
  2. Contact us with the Account details and we will convert that Trial Account into a Partner Account.
  3. Each client you add will create an individual “child” Account with its own unique Access Token. The Token can be restricted to the customer’s website.
  4. Purchase a pack of Lookups for the Partner Pool and then allocate the portion you prefer to each of your clients.
  5. Our portal allows you to fully control each client account.

It is possible to be both Affiliate and a Reseller – just contact us and we will link each client appropriately to ensure you have full control over their Lookups, or earn commission on their purchases as appropriate.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

Looking for
Crafty Clicks?

We are now called Fetchify. We may look different but we still have the same great intuitive data verification tools, the same easy to use integrations and same great customer service.  Come and have a look…

Crafty Clicks - ClickToAddress

We are working on integrating the Auto-Complete API with osCommerce. Let us know if you need it and we will do our best to push it up out to-do list.