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Why Validate?

We all hear about the importance of data validation, of the single customer view, and optimising data processing, but capturing good quality, accurate customer data doesn’t just benefit marketing teams.

Our validation tools can optimise checkouts, increase basket conversion, reduce shipping errors and returns, deliver efficiencies in customer service call handling and much much more, all because we partner with the best data providers for the most accurate data possible.

The applications and benefits span a wide range of industries too. See if Fetchify’s data capture and validation products can help your business too. 

Address lookup & verification for your customers

Optimise checkouts with faster and more accurate form filling. Reduce keystrokes by up to 80%. Improve basket conversion rates and reduce abandonment. Designed for desktop & mobile.

Accurate contact data for your marketing campaigns

Capture accurate email addresses and phone numbers for better engagement and improved customer LTV. Increase leads for remarketing and outbound acquisition activities.

Accurate Shipping Address Data for Deliveries

Reduce failed deliveries with 100% accurate and properly formatted address data. Reduced costs for reshipments and customer complaints handling. Improved trust scores and happy customers.

Improve customer care with full contact data validation

Integrate Fetchify's API into your contact center systems to speed up customer registrations by phone, improve accuracy, and reduce call times. Add to accounting platforms for payment address lookup.


Why not use open source data?

It’s not always clear why you might want to pay for anything that seems to be available for free elsewhere, but with address data the benefits are pretty simple.

Have you ever tried to use open source mapping apps to navigate to a remote or out of the way location or new build and ended up in completely the wrong place?

That’s because as up-to-date as the mapping technology may be, the underlying address data can often be as much as 6 months out of date. In the UK, Royal Mail updates it’s dataset on a daily basis releasing changes and new addresses with each update. A daily update can contain as many as 2500 changes which could have an impact on your business. By using our verification tools linked directly to Royal Mail, you can always be sure to have the most accurate and latest address data list available.

Industries that can benefit from Data Validation

Capturing accurate, correct physical postal addresses, email addresses and phone numbers has huge benefits for any business or organisation.

Find out how Fetchify’s address and data validation can positively impact your business / industry.

Address capture & validation for eCommerce


Data validation for Food & Grocery Delivery


Government & Public Sector Entities