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Why Validate?

Why Validate Data?

We all hear about the importance of data validation, of the single customer view, and optimising data processing, but capturing good quality, accurate customer data doesn’t just benefit marketing teams.

Find out below all the ways that our different data verification tools can help all areas of your business.

Address lookup & verification for your Customers :

  • Quicker, easier checkouts & forms on desktop and mobile

Verify postal, email addresses & phone numbers for Marketing Teams

  • Accurate email and phone numbers for greater marketing engagement, improved customer LTV and less wastage on poor data
  • Good quality address data can also aid development of demographic profiling of your target customers to optimise outbound activities such as localised and specialised advertising campaigns, canvassing and experiential marketing.

Accurate Distribution & Shipping Address Data for Warehousing

  • Fewer failed deliveries due to incorrect addresses and lower returns means less time on resolutions and less spend on re-shipment

Improve customer care processes with full customer data validation

  • Integrate our validation tools into your internal systems to speed up customer registrations by phone, improve accuracy and reduce call
  • Reduce call volumes with fewer delivery issues and complaints

Why not use open source data?

It’s not always clear why you might want to pay for anything that seems to be available for free elsewhere, but with address data the benefits are pretty simple.

Have you ever tried to use open source mapping apps to navigate to a remote or out of the way location or new build and ended up in completely the wrong place?

That’s because as up-to-date as the mapping technology may be, the underlying address data can often be as much as 6 months out of date. In the UK, Royal Mail updates it’s dataset on a daily basis releasing changes and new addresses with each update. A daily update can contain as many as 2500 changes which could have an impact on your business. By using our verification tools linked directly to Royal Mail, you can always be sure to have the most accurate and latest address data list available.

Looking for
Crafty Clicks?

We are now called Fetchify. We may look different but we still have the same great intuitive data verification tools, the same easy to use integrations and same great customer service.  Come and have a look…

Crafty Clicks - ClickToAddress

We are working on integrating the Auto-Complete API with osCommerce. Let us know if you need it and we will do our best to push it up out to-do list.