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Manage your memberships with accurate contact data

Being a member of any organisation, be it professional, trade, educational, a hobby or interest, carries the intrinsic value of being able to be part of that organisation. As a membership entity, trade or professional association, you want to be able to communicate with your members and the only way to do that is to capture accurate valid contact data for your members.

Fetchify’s data validation API integrates with any platform where customer contact data capture is needed. Validate member postal and email addresses, phone numbers, and UK bank details on your website front-end and optimise your back-office systems integrating Fetchify into your administration tools for your staff.

Some of our Membership CRM & Saas Partners

How membership associations benefit from Fetchify?

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Fetchify’s flexible API can be integrated into almost any platform with very little development requirement. Some example CRM integrations include :


Capture clean, accurate data

  • 100% accurately formatted addresses for marketing and communications
  • Increase campaign or notification deliverability with accurate email and phone numbers
  • Optimise security for 2-Factor Authentication logins

Optimise registrations

  • Make address entry quick and simple, even on mobile
  • Reduce form entry keystrokes by up to 80%
  • Speed up registration completion for increased conversion
  • Capture 100% accurate email addresses for better communication

Benefits across your business

  • Administration efficiencies in member on-boarding reduce friction and errors
  • Add Fetchify to internal systems for account registrations, bank account validation and customer management
  • Reduce account queries through customer care 

Our Membership Clients

Ready to try Fetchify

Our Free Trial can be added to your dev or sandbox
environment for testing or simply take the plunge!

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Our standard free trial gives you 100 free lookup credits for Postcode Lookup or Address Auto-Complete as well as Email and Phone validation to use within 14 days. You also get full support from our expert team to help with your installation or integration.

Absolutely. If you need any support adding our tools to different areas of your website or software our support team is always on hand to help. You can find all our documentation on integrations in our documentation portal.

It’s a little like working out how many tiles your need for a bathroom – check the area and add on a little extra safety net!

  1. Have a look at your average monthly/annual online sales and/or registrations, account changes etc
  2. Decide which of our tools you want to use (address lookup, email, phone validation)
  3. Check this against our monthly and annual plans to see which suits you best

Our plans are all scalable meaning you can increase or decrease your subscription whenever you need to. Our easy-to-use account dashboard shows you your usage and you can set up an auto-renewal payment so that if you do run out your account is automatically topped up so you don’t lose out.

Absolutely! Our API is available in standard coding formats including JSON, PHP.

You can find more extensive information in our Documentation here