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Bank Account Validation

Optimised form UX   |   Validate Account & Sort Codes
Reduced fraud risk   |   Reduced transaction failure rates

UK Bank Account & Sort Code Verification

Integrate seamlessly with Direct Debit Mandate setup to ensure valid bank details are captured at the point of entry, with clear visual cues for valid and invalid accounts. 

Greater Protection

Pairing bank account validation with UK Postcode Lookup delivers guaranteed address and bank account capture to reduce the risk of failed or fraudulent transactions.

EISCD Data Guarantee

Using only the EISCD bank data file to provide real-time checks on sort codes and matching account numbers for financial transactions such as BACS, Chaps, Direct Debit, and Faster Payments.

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Easy to Integrate

Our deployment-ready JSON code can be added to any platform within minutes. Simply activate Bank Validation on your Fetchify Access Token via our client portal.

Simple per-lookup pricing

Each account validation uses 0.75 credits, which can be purchased in simple monthly or annual packs depending on the volumes you need. Starting from as little as 1.8p.

7 products, 1 service

Fetchify credits are valid for use across any and all of our products so there's no need to purchase separate packs for different validation tools.

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Easy to integrate with over 30 plug and play integrations plus our JSON and Javascript library. Including:

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