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Email Validation

Optimised form UX   |   Increased campaign deliverability
Reduced customer call handling   |   Increased customer engagement

Improve email list hygiene

Email address validation that goes beyond the @ and domain level verification gives you clean, accurate email addresses to improve deliverability and boost customer engagement.

Improve IP Trust scores

Improve sender reputation with fewer bounces and undeliverable addresses in your data meaning ESPs are less likely to send your campaigns straight to the spam folder.

Increase spend, reduce costs

Storing and mailing invalid addresses is wasted cash. Reduce the costs associated with poor addresses by only capturing accurate data and turn your campaign data around with better customer conversion and repeat purchase.

Global Email Address Validation

Checking syntax is no longer enough. Our real-time API pings the domain to ensure that a live and deliverable mailbox exists for any email address entered.

Customers are given an instantaneous visual cue to show whether the address they’ve entered is valid or not, helping to catch typos and spam addresses.

Benefits You And Your Customers

At a glance customers are alerted to possible errors in their email address when registering for accounts or ordering online. This reduces the volume and frequency of undeliverable registration and order emails, helps to eliminate customer log-in issues, and minimises complaint handling times. 

30+ Platform Integrations

Go live in minutes with our pre-built integrations and extensions for all the leading eCommerce and CRM platforms, or create customised solutions with our extensive JS Library.

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To ensure the security of this public data, this has been limited to 5 searches per IP address per hour.

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