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Global Rooftop Latitude & Longitude
Essential Data for Logistics and Routing

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Postcode v Geocode

Geocoding is the process of converting a descriptive location such as a place name, postcode, or address into a geo-physical location on the earth’s surface, in the form of latitude and longitude coordinates.

Postcodes / Zipcodes, provide only a general location for an individual property. Postcode level geocodes therefore only provide a latitude and longitude based on the center point of a given postcode.

Rooftop geocodes are the most specific property level of geocode, measured on the center of a property’s roof.

Why should you use geocodes?

Shipping & Delivery

GeoCoding provides precision location data for logistics route planning to optimise delivery routes and schedules for your drivers and ensure goods reach the right customer at the right time.

Nearest Store Locator

Use geocodes to deliver nearest point results for your essential locations – stores, branches, collection or drop-off points, converting your bricks & mortar locations into digital global latitude and longitude coordinates.

Customer Profiling

Being able to pinpoint your customer’s location allows you to deliver personalised, location specific messaging. Add to profiling tools to identify key areas for new acquisition activities like radio ads or events. 

Telecoms Coverage

Provide customers with accurate assurances for service coverage for mobile, landline and internet services using geocodes.  Plan service upgrades and rollouts based on coverage data.

Emergency Services

There’s no addresses for remote locations, or points on motorways or highways, so geocodes can be used to give highly accurate locations for emergency services to attend patients in need.

Breakdown Services

In the same way as the emergency services, breakdown and roadside assistance providers can use geocodes to ensure recovery teams are able to find customers quickly and safely.

Insurance Services

Precision geocodes for properties can provide pinpoint accuracy on proximity to environmental risk factors such as rivers, landfill, subsidence or social aspects such as crime rates.

Enhancing your location database

Fetchify’s geocoding tool returns a validated geocode match for every address you capture using our Global Address Auto-Complete product on custom integrations.

Pricing is based on a 1-2-1 credit basis so a validated address uses 2 credits : 1 for the Address Auto-Complete lookup and 1 for the matching geocode.

Geocode Matching for your existing database

As part of our data cleansing services, Fetchify can also append geocodes to your existing location data, or convert your key locations, such as store addresses, into geocodes.

Get Started

If you’re looking to use Fetchify to provide both Address Auto-Complete and Geocoding services, or an existing customer wanting to add geocoding to your account, please get in touch using the form below.

Easy to Integrate

Our deployent-ready JSON code can be added to any platform within minutes.

Simple per-lookup pricing

Each GeoCode uses 1 credit, which can be purchased in simple monthly or annual packs depending on the volumes you need. Starting from as little as 2.4p.

7 products, 1 service

Fetchify credits are valid for use across any and all of our products so there's no need to purchase separate packs for different validation tools.

Ensuring global data quality with leading providers

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