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Global Rooftop Latitude & Logitude
Essential Data for Logisitcs and Routing

Where's Your Nearest Store?

GeoCoding data provides nearest point search for your essential locations – stores, branches, collection or drop-off points converting your location data into global latitude and longitude coordinates.

Optimise Routing and Delivery

GeoCoding provides precision location data for logistics route planning to optimise delivery routes ans schedules for your drivers and ensure goods reach the right customer at the right time.

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Easy to Integrate

Our deployent-ready JSON code can be added to any platform within minutes.

Simple per-lookup pricing

Each GeoCode uses 1 credit, which can be purchased in simple monthly or annual packs depending on the volumes you need. Starting from as little as 2.4p.

Many products, 1 service

Fetchify credits are valid for use across any and all of our products so there's no need to purchase separate packs for different validation tools.

Ensuring global data quality with leading providers

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Ready to give it a go?

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14-days free trial. Technical support. No credit card needed.

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Reduce failed shipments

“Makes customers lives easier and makes our data cleaner. I’ve never seen poor performance in terms of speed. They also offered to help with integration. We can serve our customers properly – on time, to the right address.”


Increased conversion rate

“Mobile conversion is up at least 40% versus the prior period. Basket abandonment has reduced at exactly that point in the checkout that Fetchify has been inserted.”

With a 40% increase in mobile basket conversion, Fetchify helps This Works sleep easy

Easy to integrate

“The trial was very easy to integrate – that was part of the reason it got a ‘thumbs up’ from our Tech guys. They were very flexible and worked around us – something we didn’t get from our previous supplier.”


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Proactive customer support

“The Fetchify technology was simple and easy to integrate and we continue to get support from their proactive customer support team, reassuring us that they are constantly updating the back end of our system.”

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