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International Phone Number Validation

Improved SMS Deliverability  |  Optimised form UX 
Reduced customer call handling   |   Increased customer engagement

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Validate landline and mobile/cell numbers

Capture accurate phone numbers for customers all around the world with country-specific formatting corrections and validity checked with the service provider.

Authenticate and Authorise

Engage more with your customers via their phone number. Ensure SMS campaigns reach a verified audience, use phone numbers with your registration or reset password authorisation processes, or to link up connected accounts.

30+ Platform Integrations

Go live in minutes with our pre-built integrations and extensions for all the leading eCommerce and CRM platforms, or create customised solutions with our extensive JS Library.

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Improve Customer Security

2-Factor Authentication of customer accounts, registrations and transactions requires accurate phone number capture* and reassures customers that their online activity is safe and secure.

Improve Customer Care

Capture accurate phone numbers on customer call-back requests to ensure you don't damage your reputation with the customer further by not being able to get in touch with them first time.

Improve Customer Expectations

If you manage your customers expectations with time-sensitive delivery notifications and share their contact information with your courier company, why would you not ensure you're capturing the correct phone number?

240 countries coverage

Global Phone Service Providers

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Landline & Mobile Number formatting

Daily updates

Real-time checking

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Easy to integrate

Easy to integrate with over 30 Plug-and-play integrations plus our JSON and Javascipt library. Incuding:

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*Fetchify provides verification that phone numbers entered are registered with a phone service provider. Additional services to integrate with your courier or authentication services are not part of the validation service.