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Address Data Validation & Cleansing Solutions for Oracle Fusion

Optimise address, email, phone number & UK Bank Account entry into Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications for faster and more accurate data entry, customer and HR records, improved customer experience, and cleaner master data.

We know that a platform as complex and customisable as Oracle, needs validation solutions that are comprehensive and customisable too. Integrating Fetchify into Oracle applications is quick and easy with our comprehensive JavaScript and JSON API custom code solutions, so you can tailor our validation tools to suit your needs across the full suite of your Oracle products and services.

Optimise your data within Oracle with address, email and phone validation and automated data cleansing

Oracle Fusion Cloud Commerce & Customer Data Management

Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer Experience CRM

  • Capture valid email addresses & phone numbers for increased lead conversion and campaign engagement

Oracle Fusion Cloud HR Human Capital Management

  • Register candidate and employee address and contact data quickly and accurately
  • Check UK bank accounts & sort-codes for salary payments

Automated On-Demand Data Cleansing API

data cleansing robot
  • Make data cleansing part of your standard routine with our on-demand data cleansing API.
  • Automate data cleansing workflows and maintain data quality across your master data repositories.

Integration Documentation

Comprehensive code, expertly crafted to make integration into SAP as simple as possible and provide address and data validation in any platform.

Enterprise Pricing & Licences

Designed specifically for our Enterprise clients needing high volume usage, custom integrations, multiple validation requirements, and touchpoint integrations.

Ensuring global data quality with leading providers