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Address Auto-Complete for EKM

As part of the ClearCourse group, EKM were keen to replace their native postcode lookup with Fetchify. Available to all EKM stores via a direct app installation, it’s quick and easy to add address lookup to any EKM store.

Get Started

Step 1 : Install the App

Log into your EKM store and visit the  Features section to find Fetchify

  • Install the app as directed
  • Follow the prompts to create a Fetchify account.

Step 2 : Create your Fetchify Account

Use the link from within the EKM portal to create your Fetchify account and start your free trial as normal.

  • 100 free lookups / 2 weeks free trial
  • No payment card required

Step 3 : Add your Fetchify Access Token to your EKM account

In your Fetchify Account, 

  • Locate your access token from the left hand menu option
  • Copy this token and paste it in where prompted in your EKM account.

Watch our Quick Start Guide to installing Fetchify on your EKM store

Dog running with data file

Why use Fetchify address search and validation for EKM?

Easy to use

Fetchify - easy to use
  • Predictive interface
  • Search results updated as the user types
  • Easy to find addresses

Speed up checkout form filling

Fetchify - speed up checkout
  • Plugins fill address forms automatically
  • Faster checkout and registration
  • Improved usability and conversions

Validated addresses

Fetchify - validated addresses
  • More accurate address capture
  • Minimise shipping issues
  • Reduces related customer support issues


Fetchify’s Address Auto-Complete uses 1 credit for each verified address – that’s each time a customer selects an address from the list to fill out the address form when placing an order. You can calculate how many lookups you’ll likely need based on how many orders you process – usually 1 credit per order. Then you can choose whether to buy lookups that are valid for 30 days or 1 year. 

See our pricing pages for more information 

Your Access Token is what connects your EKM and Fetchify accounts. You can find your token in your Fetchify account here, simply click the Copy icon and then paste it into your EKM account where shown.

You can buy your Fetchify credits as flexibly as you need. If you want to buy more credits less frequently then you can change the credit pack you buy, in your Fetchify account.

You can set it up to auto-renew so you don’t have to worry about running out as well.

All new accounts recieve a 2 week/100 free credits free trial to start with. You’ll get an email notification when you’re running low so you can activate your account with a full subscription.

If you’re having issues installing the app from your EKM portal, please contact EKM support directly and they’ll help to get you started.