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UK Postcode Lookup for Sage 200

In conjunction with our Sage Partner, Pinnacle, we’re now able to offer a fully supported Postcode Lookup service for Sage users. Developed and managed by Pinnacle, the Sage integration uses Fetchify’s postcode lookup service to provide fast and accurate address lookup for Sage users to speed up address entry into and ensure accurate address data for your clients and suppliers.

Pinnacle’s Postcode Lookup Add-On for Sage 200 adds Postcode Lookup functionality to the Sales Ledger Module, Purchase Ledger Module and Sales Order Processing Module for the following forms :

  • New and Amend Customer – Company Details Address (i.e. Invoice Address)
  • New and Amend Supplier – Company Details Address (i.e. Invoice Address)
  • New and Amend Order – Delivery Address and Invoice Address for Cash Account and normal customers.
  • SOP Customer Delivery Address – Add and Amend Customer Delivery Addresses
  • New and Amend Quotation – Delivery Address for normal customers, Quote & Invoice Address,  Delivery Address for Prospect customers.

Get Started

Step 1 : Get the Pinnacle Add-On for Sage

Contact your Pinnacle Account Manager or use the link below to request the Postcode Lookup Add-On for your Sage Installation

  • In Sage, under Add-Ons click the Postcode Lookup option
  • Select Fetchify from the list and follow the prompts to create a Fetchify account

Step 2 : Create your Fetchify Account

Follow the link in the Postcode Lookup option in Sage or use the button below to create a Fetchify trial account. 

  • 100 free UK Postcode lookups / 2 weeks free trial
  • No payment card required

Step 3 : Add your Fetchify Access Token to Sage

In your Fetchify Account, 

  • Locate your access token from the left hand menu option
  • Copy this token and paste it into the Settings field in your Postcode Lookup Add-On in Sage

Configuring Fetchify on Sage 200

Dog running with data file

Why use postcode lookup in Sage Accounting?

Quick & easy to use

Fetchify - easy to use
  • Easy to find addresses for customers, suppliers and prospects
  • Address forms populated automatically from just a postcode
  • Covers 9 key form entry fields in a single plugin

Validated addresses

Fetchify - validated addresses
  • Accurate address capture
  • Reduces related customer account support issues
  • Faster and more accurate data entry for accounts with fewer errors


Fetchify’s UK Postcode Lookup for Sage uses 1 credit for each verified address – that’s each time a customer selects an address from the list to fill out the address form. You can calculate how many lookups you’ll likely need based on how many new address entries and address changes you process. Then you can choose whether to buy lookups that are valid for 30 days or 1 year. 

See our pricing pages for more information 

Your Access Token is what connects your Pinnacle Sage and Fetchify accounts. You can find your token in your Fetchify account here, simply click the Copy icon and then paste it into your Sage account where shown.

You can buy your Fetchify credits as flexibly as you need. If you want to buy more credits less frequently then you can change the credit pack you buy in your Fetchify account.

All our packs automatically renew when they run out to make sure you have continuous service. You’ll get email notifications as your credits get low or you are nearing your expiry date.

All new accounts recieve a 2 week/100 free credits free trial to start with. You’ll get an email notification when you’re running low so you can activate your account with a full subscription.

If you’re having issues with the integration into your Sage installation, please contact Pinnacle support directly and they’ll help to get you started.