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Address Validation App for Shopify

The Fetchify Shopify Address Validation app is a direct integration for Shopify Standard stores available only from the Shopify App Store. Get started with 100 free searches when you install the app.

Why use Fetchify address validation for Shopify

Validate Shipping Addresses

Fix address typos & errors with a correctly formatted & validated shipping address post-checkout & auto-update orders before despatch

Reduce Failed Shipments

Accurate address data from Royal Mail, USPS & other leading providers captures accurate addresses and minimises failed deliveries & returns

Increase Customer LTV

Reduce admin & cost overheads with fewer shipping complaints & boost your customer loyalty, LTV, and ratings.

How to use address validation in Shopify

The Fetchify Post-Checkout Address Validation app works with Shopify’s restricted checkout to validate a customer’s shipping address at the point of order completion and provide a single suggested alternative based on the best match appropriate. 

Installation & Configuration

NOTE : we always recommend installing on a development store or putting your store into maintenance / protected password mode before making any changes so that you can fully test the app before making it live to the public.

  1. Click here to go directly to our app. You will be prompted to login to your Shopify store en route.
  2. Add the app and follow the on-screen steps to install it to your store.
  3. Once installed check the app configuration screen to make sure it’s enabled
  4. The app is now validating addresses in your checkout.
  1. Log into your Shopify store
  2. Click the Apps option from the left-hand menu Shopify App Store Link Icon
  3. Search for ‘Fetchify’
  4. Add the app and follow the on-screen steps to install it to your store.
  5. Once installed check the app configuration screen to make sure it’s enabled

Desktop Customer Journey

Mobile Customer Journey


Fetchify’s address validation app for Shopify automatically checks your customers’ address after checkout and provides a validated and correctly formatted alternative match using the best data from Royal Mail, USPS, and other leading global address providers, to ensure delivery addresses are as accurate as possible. Our datasets are updated daily to make sure you always have the most up-to-date data including newly built properties that can be as much as 6months out of date from free data providers.

  1. Customer places an order via your shop
  2. Enters shipping address as normal in the shopping cart
  3. Completes order 
  4. On the Order Confirmation screen the customer will be presented with an alternative recommended address
  5. If the customer chooses to update the address it will be amended on their order history
  6. The customer may still see their original incorrect address on their order confirmation email as this is triggered and sent before the address has time to update

You can use our app with Basic Shopify, Shopify Standard and Advanced Shopify. The app is not compatible with Shopify Plus Stores.

We have a dedicated in-cart integration for Shopify Plus for our normal UK Postcode Lookup and Auto-Complete products to lookup and validate addresses BEFORE checkout is completed. 

Unlike our other integrations where you need to register with us and buy credit packs, in Shopify all the address validations (1 per customer order) will be added to your monthly Shopify fees at a rate of $0.04USD per lookup. There are no additional charges or service costs for the app and the total each month will vary depending on how many orders you’ve received.

Not for this app. Once the app is enabled, every time an order is placed an address validation lookup is performed. These lookups are charged at $0.04USD each and will be billed on your monthly Shopify invoice.

  1. Customers place orders as normal but are shown a corrected address option on the order confirmation page
  2. Customers can choose this option or keep their original address as typed
  3. When the revised address is selected the customer shipping address is replaced on their order with the new data and the order is saved.

Once you activate the app, you will have 100 searches free of charge in order to fully test the functionality.

You can. When you view a customer’s order history timeline you’ll see an entry similar to this:

Not with our app – you’d need to set your shipping territories in the normal Shopify store settings and use a 3rd party address restriction app such as Easy Shipping Restrictions to manage your specific delivery areas before the customer completes their order

Shopify’s standard (basic, standard and advanced) platform does not permit any modification of the checkout aside from branding changes such as logos and colour schemes. Our former integration used a ‘back-door’ into the cart that allowed us to add our code via the Google Analytics JavaScript insert but Shopify removed this feature in March 2021. We have developed the app with the best practice alternative solution to having address lookup in the checkout whilst still working within what Shopify allows as a platform.