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Announcing the new Fetchify Address Check & Validation App for Shopify

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Whatever the problem, be part of the solution – Tina Fey

Words to live, and work by.

So when Shopify announced that in order to tighten platform security they’d be cracking down on a number of back-door functionalities that allowed for code insertion, including the Google Analytics JavaScript insert that enabled users to integrate Fetchify, we knew we had to find a completely new way to provide high quality address validation within the constraints of a new locked-down checkout. 

Our solution

Enter the new and exclusive Fetchify Address Check and Validation App for Shopify. Unlike our familiar Postcode Lookup or Address Auto-Complete, which auto-fills address forms during the checkout process, our new Shopify app validates the customer’s shipping address at the point of order confirmation and offers the customer a single best match corrected and validated alternative. The customer can choose to accept the recommended alternative, and the shipping address will be updated into the customer and order record, or to keep the unaltered version.

Simplified pricing

We’ve also introduced a brand new pricing system exclusively for our Shopify app, making it quick and easy for merchants to use. Each confirmed customer order generates a single address verification check, charged at $0.04 USD / 4 cents lookup and the charge is added to your monthly Shopify subscription invoice, in the same way as your account transaction fees or other app charges. The app is free to install, directly from the Shopify App store, so there’s no integration time or associated development costs and there’s no need for a separate Fetchify account either.

Still the best data quality

The app uses all the same leading data sources for its address validation including Royal Mail PAF®, Ordnance Survey, USPS and others, meaning that you get the latest, most up-to-date address data for over 240 countries.

The elephant in the room

We’ll admit it – a post-checkout validation solution where the customer still has to type in their address in full to start with is definitely not a UX we would recommend if we didn’t have to and it won’t be able to speed up checkout or help reduce abandonment like our traditional in-checkout integration would. With Shopify Plus there are no restrictions on cart modifications so we are still absolutely able to integrate into Shopify Plus stores and we are working very closely with Shopify to look at a better long-term in-cart address lookup solution but we didn’t want Shopify users to have to go without in the meantime. We’ve designed our app with the best possible UX available within the constraints of the Shopify checkout. It’s a smooth, clear journey for the user that will still provide you with the reassurance of getting better quality addresses than without the app.

Try it today

Find out more on our Shopify integrations page below, try the experience in our demo store or just go for it and add it to your Shopify store today

Address Validation App for Shopify

Installation guide and FAQs

Try it on our Shopify Demo Store

See the app in action

Get the new Fetchify App for Shopify

Enhance your Shopify store today

The new Shopify app is currently only available to merchants with a business registered in the UK, United States of America, Canada, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Futher territories will be made available in the future.