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Up your data capture game on BigCommerce

Good news for BigCommerce clients, both UK and international. Our freshly updated BigCommerce Address Auto-Complete integration now also supports international phone validation and email validation services. 

As you probably already know if you are reading this, our Address Auto-Complete tool starts suggesting results the moment you begin typing your address, whether you begin with a postcode/zip code, the street name or the town. Wherever you and your customers might be in the world, our data covers over 240 countries. On average it reduces keystrokes by 83%. It is an absolute must have for any ecommerce checkout, reducing abandoned carts, increasing customer trust and, most importantly, reducing failed deliveries!

But here’s the thing. It’s all very well making sure a package is going to exactly the right address, but what if the customer then accidentally made a mistake in their phone number or email address? If they left out a digit or the .com so the confirmation text or email bounces, they might not be at home to receive their order on the right day and then you’re back to square one. (I know that people not being home has hardly been an issue over the last year but things are steadily opening up and everyone is looking forward to being out and about again!)

So this is where the upgraded integration for Address Auto Complete on BigCommerce comes in. As well as the type-ahead address search and validation, you can now also make sure you capture accurate phone and email addresses from your customers at point of entry.   


If you are already using address auto-complete in your BigCommerce checkout or registration page, you will need to update your integration. If you are new to our services and want to see what difference they could make, why not open a free trial today? To take advantage of phone and email validation, follow the install guide and using the “v2” snippet: If you have any questions or need assistance with the integration, get in touch with our team at, we’ll be happy to help.
 You can of course use any combination of our data validation tools, if for example, phone numbers are not of use to your business, just leave it out, no problem. All three services are a part of the same easy to use integration and they also use the same pack of credits at a rate of 1 credit per address lookup and 0.75 credits per phone or email lookup. So it couldn’t be easier to get phone number validation and email address validation up and running in your checkout. For further information on subscriptions and credit pack, have a look at our pricing page.
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About Fetchify

We are a pioneer in SaaS address lookup and data validation solutions. We process millions of data transactions each day for thousands of clients ranging from small e-commerce startups to large household brands such as Heinz and RBS. Our flagship products Address Auto-Complete and Postcode Lookup reduce friction on checkouts, leading to increases in conversion rate of up to 40%, and helps reduce failed deliveries by as much as 75%. Since launching in 2008, we have differentiated by our ease of integration and exceptional support.

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