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A single platform offering both international and UK solutions, giving you the flexibility to select the best options for your application.

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Monthly plans

Save up to 30% with an annual plan.

Phone and Bank Account Validation for the rest of 2020!

During these challenging times we want to help support your business. You already know that accurate customer data means fewer customer complaints, better deliverability and less chance of fraud. To add even more reliability to your data, we are offering all customers FREE* Phone and UK Bank Validation for the rest of 2020 when they purchase Address Auto-Complete or Postcode Lookup credits.

*Terms and Conditions apply – after 31st December 2020 will be charged at the standard rate of 0.75 credits per search. Fair usage policy applies – we support up to 2 free phone or UK bank searches per paid credit used. The promotion T&Cs must be agreed to on your account portal.

250 credits
valid for 1 month
750 credits
valid for 1 month
2,000 credits
valid for 1 month
6,000 credits
valid for 1 month
15,000 credits
valid for 1 month
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What does a credit get:

  • Address Auto-Complete – 1 credit
  • Postcode Lookup – 1 credit
  • Multiple Residence – 0.1 credit
  • Phone Validation – 0.75 credit
  • Email Validation – 0.75 credit
  • Bank Validation – 0.75 credit

Enterprise Pricing

  • Service level agreements
  • Priority support
  • Fixed annual quotes
  • Bespoke integrations

Top up your credits

  • 24/7 access to your account
  • Monitor your usage 
  •  Top up whenever you need to
  • We’ll let you know if you are running out

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Frequently asked questions

Our plans contain a specific number of lookups and run for either a month or a year. A plan will last until its lookups are used or it reaches the end of its term.

If you have selected a subscription, at the end of your active plan your account will be renewed with the same plan. You can always visit your account on the Admin Portal to update which subscription you prefer.

We will still offer our new plans without a subscription. Please note that accounts without any active plans will be suspended automatically.

Any more questions?

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We are working on integrating the Auto-Complete API with osCommerce. Let us know if you need it and we will do our best to push it up out to-do list.

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