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Address Validation from 2.9p per lookup

With flexible monthly packs to suit your needs

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1 Year Packs

1 Month Packs


Public Sector

1 Month Credit Packs

How credits work

Address Auto-Complete

1 credit = 1 validated address

Postcode Lookup

1 credit = 1 validated address


0.75 credit per address


0.75 credit per phone number


0.75 credit per account

Example usage
1250 Credits could be used for :

How many credits do you need?

Price per Lookup/Credit
Address Auto-Complete6p
UK Postcode Lookup6p
Phone Validation4.5p
Email Validation4.5p
Bank Validation4.5p
Multiple Residence (UK)6.6p
Validity30 days
Price per Lookup/Credit
Address Auto-Complete4.1p
UK Postcode Lookup4.1p
Phone Validation3.1p
Email Validation3.1p
Bank Validation3.1p
Multiple Residence (UK)4.5p
Validity30 days
Price per Lookup/Credit
Address Auto-Complete3.8p
UK Postcode Lookup3.8p
Phone Validation2.6p
Email Validation2.6p
Bank Validation2.6p
Multiple Residence (UK)4.1p
Validity30 days
Price per Lookup/Credit
Address Auto-Complete3.2p
UK Postcode Lookup3.2p
Phone Validation2.4p
Email Validation2.4p
Bank Validation2.4p
Multiple Residence (UK)3.5p
Validity30 days
Price per Lookup/Credit
Address Auto-Complete2.9p
UK Postcode Lookup2.9p
Phone Validation2.1p
Email Validation2.1p
Bank Validation2.1p
Multiple Residence3.1p
Validity30 days

Price per Lookup/Credit
100 CreditsFREE
Address Auto-Complete0p
UK Postcode Lookup0p
Phone Validation0p
Email Validation0p
Bank Validation0p
No Credit/Debit Card Required

All prices exclude VAT. Auto-renewal allows you to continue using the service without ever running out of lookups. If you use your credits before your 12 months or 1 month validity period, auto-renew will add a new pack of the same number of credits and validity and take payment from your registered payment method. Subsequently, you may see more than one invoice/payment in a 12 or 1 month period.

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Frequently asked questions

Our plans contain a specific number of lookups and run for either a month or a year. A plan will last until all its lookup credits are used or it reaches the end of its plan period. You can choose to auto-renew your subscription so that when you run out, or the period ends, your account is automatically updated with the same number of credits as your previous pack.

If you have chosen a subscription plan, your account will be automatically renewed on the same subscription and validity. Automatic renewal happens when you run out of credits OR you reach the end of your plan period, whichever is sooner. 

You can always manage your account online to change or amend the subscription to suit your needs.

We offer our annual plans without a subscription. Please note that accounts without any active plans will be suspended automatically.

Yes. We send emails when your subscription is due for renewal or in danger of expiry.

Annual Plans with Auto-Renewal:
  • If plan is reaching its credit limit: Warning email at 20% remaining credits and auto-renew at 10%
  • If plan is reaching expiry: Warning at 4 weeks remaining and auto-renew at 2 weeks remaining
Annual Plans with no Auto-Renewal (One-off)
  • If plan is reaching its credit limit: Warning email at 20% remaining credits, 10%, and at limit, 0%
  • If plan is reaching expiry: Warning at 4 weeks, 2 weeks remaining, and upon expiry.
Monthly Plans with Auto-Renewal:
  • If plan is reaching its credit limit: No alerts, auto-renew at 10% remaining
  • If plan is reaching expiry: No alerts, auto-renew at 3 days remaining

Please ensure that we have a valid email address and phone number for you. This is important so that we can contact you before suspending an account that has expired.

There’s two parts to any address search and that’s where the Fetchify name came into being.

This is any partial address that is typed in by the user whilst looking for the address they want. There’s no charge for Fetching the address results, no matter how many attempts a user might make.

At the point the user selects an address from the list of options, that is a verified address and is charged at 1 credit for either our Postcode Lookup or Address Auto-Complete.

For email and phone validation a lookup (charged at 0.75 credits) counts as any completed valid entry when the user progresses to the next form field.

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