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Royal Mail End User Terms

Royal mail logoEnd User Terms – Royal Mail PAF® (UK/GBR Data)

1 – End Users permitted use of the Products

  1. End Users may freely use the products provided by Crafty Clicks (Products) and the PAF® Data obtained from the Products (Data) in accordance with these End User Terms.

2 – Conditions of use

  1. End Users shall only use the Products and Data in accordance with all applicable laws.
  2. End Users must not make copies of the Products or Data except as permitted by these End User Terms or as reasonable necessary for back up, security, business continuity and system testing purposes.
  3. End Users may use Data but such Data may only be accessed by individuals authorised by the End User and must not be supplied to or access granted to any third party.
  4. End Users must not use the Products or permit access to, display or communicate to the public the Products except for the purposes of capturing or confirming address details of third parties.
  5. Except as detailed in these End User Terms, End Users must not:
    1. transfer, assign, sell or licence the Products or the use of the Products to any other person; or
    2. use the Products to create a product or service which is distributed or sold to any third party and which relies on any use of the Products or Data, including copy, looking up or enquiring, publishing, searching, analysing, modifying and reformatting; or
    3. copy, reproduce, extract, reutilise or publish any Product or any Data.

3 – Subcontracting

  1. End Users may provide Data to their sub-contractors who may use it to the extent necessary for the provision of information technology services to the End User or acting on behalf of the End User, providing such use if for the End User’s own business purposes and not those of the sub-contractor and providing that each sub-contractor agrees to observe these End User Terms. The End User is responsible for any breach of these End User Terms by the subcontractor.

4 – Personal Rights

  1. End User rights are personal, limited and non-transferable.

5 – Intellectual Property

  1. The End User acknowledges that Crafty Clicks is the owner of the intellectual property rights in the Products and Royal Mail is the owner the intellectual property rights in the Data and the PAF® brand and that the End User does not acquire and is not granted any rights to use those intellectual property rights other than as set out in these End User Terms.
  2. The End User shall not remove any notice relating to the ultimate owners intellectual property rights in the Products or Data and shall display any acknowledgement of the ownership of such intellectual property rights in the form and manner which may be required from time to time.
  3. End Users shall not advertise or promote any goods or services as being endorsed or approved by Crafty Clicks or Royal Mail.

6 – Cessation of use of Products and Data

  1. End Users must cease use of the Products or Data if their right to use it is terminated.
  2. On termination of their right to use the Products or Data, End Users shall destroy any copies of Data that they hold.

7 – Use by Authorised Users

  1. End Users shall ensure that any person authorised to use the Products or Data under these End User Terms shall comply in all respects with these End User Terms and that the rights of such persons to use the Products or the Data shall terminate when the End User’s rights also terminate.

8 – Audit

  1. End Users must keep an accurate record of all use of the Products or Data and retain it for a minimum of six years after the relevant use or transaction.
  2. End Users shall permit Crafty Clicks or the provider of the Products or Data to audit such records and shall provide reasonable co-operation and assistance to them (or their authorised agents) in relation to such audits. This includes, on reasonable prior notice, granting access to relevant premises during working hours to inspect relevant records for the purpose of verifying compliance with these End User Terms, and a right to copy any such records for that purposes.
  3. In the event that an audit finds that an End User has not complied with its obligations regarding the Products or Data or if the End User fails to comply with these terms regarding co-operating and access to premises for the purposes of auditing, the End User shall be responsible for the costs of the audit (including any costs of Crafty Clicks).
  4. In the event that any End User provides access to the Products or Data to any other party (including any group company) as permitted by these End User Terms or any other document, the End User shall ensure that such parties shall comply in all respects with these End User Terms.