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Our Data Providers

Our Address Data Promise

We only partner with the best data providers on the market to ensure you and your customers get the best experience. We select the leading data providers in each territory to deliver structured data which conforms to industry standards, thus ensuring you capture 100% accurate, formatted addresses. 

So, you can be sure your customer data is not only clean but valid for use with major couriers and logistics for increased international deliverability.

Auto address lookup

Royal Mail®

Using Royal Mail's PAF® (Postcode Address File) provides us with the most up-to-date UK address database available. 1.8million postcodes, 30million+ addresses and all updated every single day.



Eircodes guarantee accurate address data for the Republic of Ireland. Using the ECAD and ECAF files ensures coverage of all geographic and postal addresses in Ireland plus additional data including alias address information and coordinates.



The United States Postal Service handles 48% of all the world's mail. Our Address Auto-Complete tool includes all US ZIP and ZIP+4 searching.



The world's No.1 Location Platform, HERE covers over 100 countries and over 400 million addresses.



Kadaster provides access to the widest range of housing-related information such as Statistics Netherlands, NL Agency, the NBWO and the Land Registry


New Zealand PAF

With approximately 1.8 million delivery points, The Postal Address File (PAF) is New Zealand's most complete and up-to-date database of postal addresses.

What counts as good quality address data?

Address data quality, quantity is ranked on a scoring system according to not just the number of addresses available, but also :

  • The level of address details such as building names, apartment numbers or simply localities
  • The types of address – residential, business, public buildings

This scoring system means you can be sure of the level of detail you will get for a given area or territory.

Email Address Data

Unlike our address-based services our email address validation attempts to connect directly to the recipient server to validate the address in real-time. This reduces the latency associated with fixed database queries and helps to manage the volume of email addresses opened and closed every single day.

Email Validation
Phone Validation

Phone Number Data

Our phone number data is supplied by the carrier networks to provide us with the most up to date lists of active landline and mobile/cell phone numbers. Leading zeros in a number will be added if they are missing, +44 or 44 type country codes are recognised and despite a common feature in US typed numbers, hyphens are not permitted to ensure a numerical entry is received.

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