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Data Providers

We really pride ourselves on the quality of data partners we use to provide our address and contact verification tools. In most major countries and territories there are high quality providers with structured data which conform to industry standards and provide you with 100% accurate and formatted addresses so you can be sure your customer data is not only clean, but valid for use with major couriers and logistics for increased deliverability.

In more remote locations or countries in the developing world, data may be a based on open source information and can be less accurate, have less coverage or be significantly out of date.

We ensure the same high quality providers for our phone, email and, of course, our bank validation tools, to make sure you have the most up to date and complete datasets for optimising your business.

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Crafty Clicks?

We are now called Fetchify. We may look different but we still have the same great intuitive data verification tools, the same easy to use integrations and same great customer service.  Come and have a look…

Crafty Clicks - ClickToAddress

We are working on integrating the Auto-Complete API with osCommerce. Let us know if you need it and we will do our best to push it up out to-do list.