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Address & Personal Data capture for Financial & Insurance Services

Capture accurate customer data to manage cutomer financial and insurance products with confidence

Whether capturing customer address and contact information online or via your customer service teams, improving accuracy and verifying the validity of addresses, email and phone numbers helps to drive business goals and efficiencies.

From the moment a new customer first contacts you, you need to have the cleanest and quickest way to capture their accurate address and contact data so you can manage every step of their route to purchase and beyond. Add Fetchify to Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce and other CRM systems to lookup addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and even validate UK bank details in real-time from the most up-to-date data providers.

Businesses who can benefit

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Fetchify has plugins and coding solutions for any web form or platform including:

Insurance Services

Postal & Email Address capture and verification for :

  • Online insurance applications
  • Call Center insurance sales
  • Product / in-store insurance sales
  • Travel agent insurance
  • Car dealership insurance sales

Call Center Systems

Optimise call handling times with back-end integration :

  • Address lookup & Auto-Complete speeds up form entries and ensures accuracy
  • Email Address validation delivers improved deliverability of documentation and better marketing campaign engagemtent

Financial Services

Accurate address, email, and phone capture for :

  • Credit card & loan applications
  • Bank account registration
  • Hire Purchase agreements
  • Vehicle finance & warranty
  • Mortgage applications
  • Online finance applications
  • Call center application processing

Our Finance & Insurance Clients

Ready to try Fetchify

Our Free Trial can be added to your dev or sandbox
environment for testing or simply take the plunge!

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Our standard free trial gives you 100 free lookup credits for Postcode Lookup or Address Auto-Complete as well as Email validation and Phone validation to use within 14 days. You also get full support from our expert team to help with your installation or integration.

We have tried and tested plugins for key CRM platforms including Netsuite, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, as well as a simple to use API that can be used for custom integrations. Visit our Plugins page for more information.

It’s a little like working out how many tiles your need for a bathroom – check the area and add on a little extra safety net!

  1. Have a look at your average monthly/annual online sales and/or registrations, account changes etc
  2. Decide which of our tools you want to use (address lookup, email, phone validation)
  3. Check this against our monthly and annual plans to see which suits you best

Our plans are all scalable meaning you can increase or decrease your subscription whenever you need to. Our easy-to-use account dashboard shows you your usage and you can set up an auto-renewal payment so that if you do run out your account is automatically topped up so you don’t lose out.

Absolutely! Our API is available in standard coding formats including JSON, PHP.

You can find more extensive information in our Documentation here

Our customer website conversions and our customer satisfaction have rocketed with Fetchify’s Address Auto-Complete. 

James Munday - Managing Director