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Address Lookup & Data Validation for eCommerce

How well do you know eCommerce? Really know it? Did you know that the first example of online shopping happened in 1979 in the UK! That’s over 40 years ago. Since then…?


Amazon & eBay launch first eCommerce & Marketplaces
PayPal launches secure payment platform
Amazon's first mobile shopping experience
34.5% of all eCommerce sales is mobile
Mobile Commerce sales predicted to hit 54%
With that brief history of eCommerce over, what about the future of eCommerce? Specifically – your eCommerce. Out of the box online stores get you trading quickly but with often limited functionality.  Our plugin provides a powerful enhancement to your shopping cart that integrates seamlessly to provide fast, accurate address form-filling aimed at reducing time to checkout and capturing properly formatted address data for shipping. Using the highest quality data from industry gold standard providers, our tools lookup full postal addresses in real-time from as little as a partial postcode or zipcode and deliver proximity ordered results* directly into your address forms, reducing the time it takes customers to manually complete and removing the risk of capturing wrongly typed or incorrectly formatted address data.

How can your online shop benefit from Fetchify?

Curly dotted line
Curly dotted line

Fetchify has plugins and extensions for all the leading eCommerce platforms including:

Increase basket conversion

  • Make address entry quick and simple, even on mobile
  • Reduce form entry keystrokes by up to 80%
  • Speed up basket completion for increased conversion
  • Capture 100% accurate email addresses for better abandonment remarketing

Capture clean, accurate data

  • 100% accurately formatted addresses for payments & deliveries
  • Increase campaign or notification deliverability with accurate email and phone numbers
  • Optimise security for 2-Factor Authentication logins

Benefits across your business

  • Improve shipping efficiencies and reduce returns from undeliverable addresses
  • Add Fetchify to internal systems for account registrations, payments, and warehousing
  • Reduce account queries through customer care 

Our customer website conversions and our customer satisfaction have rocketed with Fetchify’s Address Auto-Complete. 

James Munday - Managing Director

*Proximity Ordering in Address Auto-Complete

Our eCommerce clients

Ready to try Fetchify

Our Free Trial can be added to your dev or sandbox
environment for testing or simply take the plunge!

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Our standard free trial gives you 100 free lookup credits for Postcode Lookup or Address Auto-Complete as well as Email and Phone validation to use within 14 days. You also get full support from our expert team to help with your installation or integration.

We have tried and tested plugins for all the major eCommerce platforms as well as a simple to use API that can be used for custom integrations. Visit our Plugins page for more information.

It’s a little like working out how many tiles your need for a bathroom – check the area and add on a little extra safety net!

  1. Have a look at your average monthly/annual online sales and/or registrations, account changes etc
  2. Decide which of our tools you want to use (address lookup, email validation, phone validation)
  3. Check this against our monthly and annual plans to see which suits you best

Our plans are all scalable meaning you can increase or decrease your subscription whenever you need to. Our easy-to-use account dashboard shows you your usage and you can set up an auto-renewal payment so that if you do run out your account is automatically topped up so you don’t lose out.

Absolutely! Our API is available in standard coding formats including JSON, PHP.

You can find more extensive information in our Documentation here