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Media Lounge interview Fetchify CEO Russell Jones for Partner Series

One of our agency partners, Media Lounge recently interviewed Fetchify’s CEO, Russell Jones as part of their partner introduction series. We work together with the fantastic team over at Media Lounge, providing address lookup and validation solutions for the checkouts of their ecommerce clients. 

Q: Who are Fetchify and what services do you provide?

A: Hi there, My name’s Russell Jones, I’m the CEO of Fetchify. We’re a data as a service company. So, specifically, we do address data validation, but also phone and bank and email validation. Which we do for all sorts of different industries, but particularly the ecommerce and financial services sectors.  

Q: What are the benefits of having Address Auto-Complete or Postcode Lookup in place at the checkout?

A: The benefit of using Fetchify is really threefold. Firstly, it really speeds customers through the checkout because they use a postcode lookup feature. Or increasingly, they are using our search as you type feature called auto-complete which suggests their address from only a few keystrokes that they enter. 

Secondly, it reduces the number of failed deliveries because we validate the address against the royal mail database and we augment that data even with armed forces data and ordnance survey data. So we can always be assured that that is a valid address. So that reduces the cost and the service costs of handling failed deliveries. 

Thirdly, you get happier customers because they feel like you’ve made more of an effort to help them through the checkout process. So you get greater loyalty as a result. 

Q: How do I add it to a store? What platforms do you cover?

A: At Fetchify we like to make it as easy as possible for you and your clients Fetchify into their stores and into their merchant websites. So whether that’s using Magento, or Shopware or Shopify Plus, or BigCommerce. We either have a app that you can download from, for example, the Magento store, or you can download a plugin from our website. Or in the case of Shopify Plus, you really just copy and paste the javascript library straight into your website, it’s really as simple as that. We’re all about intuitive products, that are easy to install and expertly supported. 

Q: What can you expect to pay for the Fetchify services?

A: In terms of pricing, we like to keep it pretty simple. So we have two main pricing models, you either pay per click and the standard pricing is available on our website, or for larger volumes you should consider a kind of all you can eat license price which we can sort you out with. Again, just look at our website, where you’ll see more details. 

So I hope that’s been helpful. We’d love to hear from you and talk about how we can help you and your clients deliver a better customer experience, improve conversion, reduce the costs of failed deliveries, all of the above. So please do contact us at or you can visit our website and just set yourself up with a trial account straight away. 

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