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Why should your online business consider data validation?

This is a guest post from our partner – Limely

Here at Limely, we create websites that invite ample opportunities for our client’s businesses to grow, succeed and spread the word of their unbeatable service. But what they also do is provide the means to create a handy database, one that is full to the brim with customer information in which can be used to further increase traffic, sales and sustain your outstanding customer service.

This data can be collected consensually from your customers and include details such as email addresses, contact numbers, postal addresses and anything else that can be given through delivery, enquiry forms or newsletter sign up.

However, collected data can only be effective if the information is accurate and unfortunately, inaccurate data is a common occurrence amongst businesses databases. When it comes to customer information, factors such as individuals moving home, changing their details and even passing away can directly affect the stored information, but the most common factor is human error.

One way this can all be avoided is through integrating data validation software and tools, like those found amongst Fetchify’s services. Data validation can help authenticate and verify entered information in realtime so you, and the customer, don’t have to worry about entering incorrect details. Data validation can also help monitor your existing data to make sure that the information you are using is up to date and bringing you the best results possible. In other words, if you’re not using data validation, your website and more importantly your business is not performing at its fullest potential.

But if you’re not convinced, here are just a few ways data validation can benefit your business and why you should consider it.

Efficient Delivery

As previously mentioned, general human error is the root cause of inaccurate data within your database. This can either be from employees incorrectly entering data or the customer mistakenly inputting the wrong details. When it comes to deliveries and orders, this can obviously cause issues down the line.

Data validation can automatically confirm the entered address so the user can be informed of the misinformation in real-time. This helps to avoid any errors and makes for a happy customer, not to mention an accurate contact list for your business.

Effective Marketing

Thanks to data validation your collated list of emails, addresses and contact numbers will be current, updated and accurate. This means that any data marketing will be directed to active details and will more likely be successful. Not only will your campaigns be delivered to willing recipients who have left their details in your care, but it will provide accurate results when it comes to reviewing the success of your campaign.

Attentive Customer Service

Your business should already have a solid service in place to efficiently help customers when they find themselves with issues that might include problems with ordering, delivering, your services or even payment.

Having accurate customer details to hand can help you solve queries quickly and efficiently, thus helping to sustain your level of quality in all aspects of your business, as well as an attentive customer service that will reassure customers of your reliability.

Organisation & Time Saving

Times where you’re constructing a successful marketing campaign or helping out your customers always calls for a level head and an organised approached. Making sure you’re armed with a great list of accurate customer details can help save lots of time and stress, especially when you’re trying to collate a list of your target audience, or trying to get to the bottom of a customer problem. Data validation helps to filter out the unwanted information and leaves you with data that is helpful and effective.

Who can help?

Fetchify is a software provider known for helping to perfect the user experience for many online businesses. From Address Auto-Complete to Email Validation, Fetchify knows how to contribute to the overall success of your online area. Amongst their data validation and verification services, they work with a number of trusted partners that can help filter out the bad apples and leave you with accurate data in which you can use to equip your business with ‘most up to date and complete datasets for optimising your business.’ 

If you’re looking for the whole online package to help skyrocket your business’ success, come and talk to Limely about achieving the perfect website.

About Fetchify

We are a pioneer in SaaS address lookup and data validation solutions. We process millions of data transactions each day for thousands of clients ranging from small e-commerce startups to large household brands such as Heinz and RBS. Our flagship products Address Auto-Complete and Postcode Lookup reduce friction on checkouts, leading to increases in conversion rate of up to 40%, and helps reduce failed deliveries by as much as 75%. Since launching in 2008, we have differentiated by our ease of integration and exceptional support.