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5 of the best eCommerce plugins for Shopify

Known as the world’s leading eCommerce platform and with hundreds of thousands of businesses trusting it to fuel their business, Shopify is a platform that allows anyone to create and sell using an online store. Basic Shopify packages can be improved with plugins and there are thousands on the market that are designed to make your user journey, and eCommerce website, a roaring success.

Let’s dive into the world of plugins, with five of our favourite eCommerce plugins for your Shopify site. Boost your conversion rate, increase your sales, and keep your business running smoothly.


1. Tidio

Invest in the power of a chatbot to improve conversion rates. Tidio is a user-friendly plugin which is available as soon as someone enters the site. Boasting a range of features you would expect from a leading chatbot, Tidio provides customers with someone to speak to about your products or services before making a purchase.

Don’t leave your customers with nowhere to turn – with Tidio, you can set up pre-programmed answers that cover for you when you’re not available. The interface allows you to connect the server with Facebook Messenger and an email address, including an in-phone app, so you never miss a message.

Additionally, you can set up an automatic message to customers who abandon their shopping carts, with the option of adding a discount code to help sway their decision. It can also be configured so that returning visitors receive discounts!


2. is a plugin used for gathering reviews from your customers. Sitting around and waiting for a review is near impossible, so with, you have the opportunity to encourage customers to review your product or service after they’ve invested in it.

What’s great about this plugin is the automated email feature that allows you to set up a scheduled email reminder to customers about leaving a review. Plus, it gives you the option of offering discounts to people who provide you with a personalised review.

More reviews on your site is only half the battle – you still need visibility for potential customers. As well as showing your reviews on Facebook, integrates these reviews into rich snippets which could show up in search engine results pages, thus improving your click through rate and your rankings, which ultimately leads to more conversions.

3. Personizely

A clever exit intent interface that can tell when users are about to leave the site, following AI and user navigation. Exit intent plugins like the one from Personizely track the users activities to determine when to show the popup. These include; how many times they hit the back button, if the visitor consistently scrolls up to the top of the page, tab switching and idle time.

This is intended to prevent popups from being shown to those who are not planning on leaving or are midway through a purchase. It’s a good method to spark the attention of potential customers that competitors may have got to before you. You can tailor your popups exactly how you want them – offering discounts is beneficial to keep them interested.

A good chance to grow your email list is by using an exit intent popup, triggering popups before customers try to leave. This is an effective way of dropping your bounce rate whilst boosting your conversion rate.

4. Smart SEO

While any online Shopify site demands a real-time push and strategy for SEO and marketing, having a plugin is another method to stay on top of this and discover metrics that you may have little to no visibility into.

Smart SEO has some beneficial features installed into the plugin, including the automatic meta tags and alt tags throughout your products. If you have an eCommerce site with hundreds of products, this can be a time-consuming task to complete manually. Of course, you may want to go in and change their descriptions after, but it is a handy way to get set up on Shopify.

5. Fetchify Address Validation

Address validation is one of the most user-friendly plugins for ease of shopping online, but is often forgotten about. At the stage of order confirmation, Fetchify validates the client’s delivery address and provides the customer with a single best-match corrected and validated alternative.

With correct addresses and fewer unsuccessful deliveries or returns, customer complaints and other questions are less likely to occur, allowing you plenty of time to care for existing and prospective customers, while spending less time dealing with returns and more time maintaining a smooth internal operation. Fetchify is easy for your developers to set up, and for your teams and customers to use.

Take a look at our proven business case studies for a more in-depth study into how Fetchify has helped eCommerce businesses.

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